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ExoSCRT Exosome

The latest Scientific breakthrough in the Regenerative Medicine. Stimulate building of healthy skin layers free of problems and inflammation.


ExoSCRT Erosomes holds more than 30 Patents in the dermatology and cosmetology practice ExoSCRT Exosomes also generate hair growth and treat scalp problems.


What Are Exosomes?

  • Stem Cells are considered as the Mother of All Cells that can proliferate and change into various types of cells according to need.

  • Recent clica researches have found that Stem Cells produce tiny regenerative vesicles called Exosomes. which are rich and loaded with Cytokines, Proteins, Lipids, Growth Factors and miRNA.

  • Exosomes are very tiny vesicles, measuring between 30 to 200mm, and they are selective in their re-ponse. Scientists consider them as the "Avatars" between cells.

How does
Exosomes work?

Exosomes Mode of action is Very Unique as it follows a specific selective cellular signals and act as messangers detecting inflammatory signals and delivering regenerative and anti inflammatory factors to target cells

What is

EXOSCRT is a registered patent for the way our Adipose Stem Cells Derived Exosomes was purified and Isolated from the stem cells Conditioned Media.
Through this filtration technique that was done by ExoCoBio, they managed to produce the FIRST PURE lyophilized Exosomes in the Aesthetic & Dermatology Practice.

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